Things You Should Know About Wrought Iron Fabrication

Wrought iron fabrication is an art form, and only the most highly skilled craftsmen can produce a top-quality piece using this intricate process. This type of fabrication can be used to produce anything from industrial equipment to fine decorative pieces for small businesses and homes. The wrought iron fence, with its delicate and complex individual designs, is an excellent example of traditional wrought iron fabrication done by experts in the art.

This iron is very malleable, and so is easily manipulated into various shapes and designs. It was extremely popular as a design element of homes in past centuries. In the past, pure iron was used in wrought iron projects. Today, modern wrought iron is usually made from a mild form of steel, though you can sometimes find artisanal craftspeople who still work with real iron. Either way, the work produced is referred to as “wrought iron” whether malleable iron or soft steel is used to make it.

Fabrication of wrought iron is done by individual craftsmen. The intricate nature of the designs these craftsmen can produce is astounding, and sets it apart from metal cast work, which is produced from poured molds at a foundry. These molds can produce the same design again and again, while wrought iron fabrication produces unique designs you will find nowhere else.

Generally, when you want a wrought iron piece of any kind, you hire a professional contractor. You want to be careful about who you hire, because getting the exact design you want is important. Your design has to meet your business’s needs or your own aesthetic preferences. The best contractors are familiar with both classic and modern design types; master craftsmen can design exactly what you need based only on your description.

Your contractor will take measurements around your business or home, to make sure the piece they are designing fits perfectly. The item will then be fabricated and welded (if it involves more than one piece of iron). Finally, your fabricator will paint or powder your item, depending on your own personal needs and desires. Most professional fabricators deliver your finished item to you, either at your business or your home.

Wrought iron fabrication is always used to produce custom pieces. This ability to customize makes it especially useful for design work, such as stair rails, window guard rails, furniture of all kinds, headboards, fireplace guards, security screens, and art work. It can also be used to produce custom designs for business purposes, whether decorative or utilitarian. When it comes to using wrought iron fabrication, your imagination is truly your only limit in what a fabricator can create.

Further, wrought iron is much stronger than lookalike aluminum products, which have become popular in recent years because of their lesser cost. However, cost is no issue when it comes to quality, which is what you get with genuine wrought iron. A well-designed piece by a licensed professional can give you the beauty and/or utility you desire for generations to come.

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