Dip Tanks are the Healthy, Environmental Option

A dip tank is a must if your business uses screen printing of any kind. It is the environmentally conscious choice, as well as the best choice for your health. Dip tanks drastically reduce the amount of chemicals you use when you are cleaning and reclaiming your used screens, and also make the reclamation process much quicker, not to mention easier. You simply fill the tank with your stripping solution and water, put your screens in, and soak them for a few minutes. Most stripping solutions work within about three to five minutes. When you remove your screens, they are clean, as the stripping solution quickly removes ink and emulsion from the screens. There is no scrubbing involved afterward, and no using harsh chemicals that can hurt your lungs and sinuses with their fumes. Simply dip, clean, and go.

While the lifespan of the chemicals inside dip tanks varies, the dip tanks themselves will usually last forever. Tanks from the top companies are now offering lifetime guarantees on their durability and usability. Most stripping solutions recommend you change them out of the tanks every six months if you’re using them heavily. Lesser use means you can leave them in a little longer. If you are confused about when the best time is to change out the chemicals from your tanks, just pay attention to how easily your screens are cleaned. If it starts to take longer to clean them than usual, or if they don’t come out of the tanks as clean as they used to then it is time to replace the chemicals in the tanks with new batches.

Most dip tanks are designed to hold about six normal-sized screens at a time. You can get larger or smaller tanks that hold more or fewer screens, depending on your business’s individual needs. By being able to reclaim many screens at a time, you save on so many things, money being a top one. You can clean screens for pennies using dip tanks. You also save about seventy percent on the consumption of chemicals and fifty percent on labor. Bringing these tanks on board your business is an excellent investment that will save you a lot of money in the future, and will quickly pay for themselves. They are also much easier on the environment, and healthier for you and your employees to use.

The tanks themselves suspend and trap solids, so you won’t be generating any sludge with your screen cleaning. You can now buy chemicals for the tanks that are drain safe, making for easy disposal when it is time to replace what is in the tank with new chemicals. Some dip tanks are even made out of recyclable materials, if you ever decide to dispose of them for any reason, such as going out of business or changing businesses. When it comes to reclaiming your screens, there really is no better business choice than using dip tanks. Make the smart business choice by adding them to your company, and enjoy the benefits.



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