Empty Box Conveyors

Empty box conveyors are an integral part of any factory business with assembly line portions. Whether empty boxes are going down a conveyor to be filled by machines or people, or even to have people pull things out of them, those conveyors have to be absolutely reliable. Company efficiency and worker safety depend on it. When constructed by a reputable company with quality materials and expert craftspeople, your empty box conveyors can be one of the most important assets to your company, keeping you on time with your commitments to your clients, and in compliance with all worker safety rules.

Keeping a business of this type profitable is a challenge. Your conveyor is your most important tool in keeping the cash flow positive. This is true in both split case and piece picking company operations. Both are labor-intensive, but the right conveyor can improve worker efficiency and company profitability considerably. By installing your conveyor above picking or loading areas to move empty boxes smoothly through all the relevant aisles at an even speed that all workers at match with ease, work time is reduced, and less motion and space is taken up by both workers and equipment.

The conveyor can also be used to take trash away from the picking and/or loading areas, either in empty boxes or on the conveyor itself. This improves worker safety. There are some conveyors on the market that even dump trash into your trash compactor, dumpster, or shredder at the end of your selected route for that purpose.

The fact of factory life is that empty boxes that are stored at the place they are used take up a lot of valuable space in the aisle, and reduce worker efficiency by slowing down the flow of picking or loading. You can take care of all of these issues with the correct empty box conveyor, and in doing so, greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of your factory. You can get your boxes off the floor, and seamlessly moved to the people who need them, anywhere in your facility, and you can do it with ease, and even with a minimum of energy output. There are energy efficient conveyors that will take care of all of your needs while keeping your power costs down, which also contributes to factory profitability.

As a business owner, you may underestimate the importance of your conveyor and all it can do. Taking the time to investigate the different types, as well as their various features and abilities, will be one of the best business moves you can make. Investigate the top conveyor fabricators in the business, and talk to them about what they can offer you and your company. You will be surprised at the selection of empty box conveyors available to meet your unique company needs. Just remember, you get what you pay for in the world of conveyor fabrication, so don’t automatically take the company with the lowest bid. Go for quality, and you will always be happy with your conveyor selection.


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